Best all inclusive resorts in US Virgin Island

The United States Virgin Islands is known for attracting millions of travelers with its fascinating and appealing underwater landscapes, breathtaking beaches, and luxurious resorts along with its rich culture. Whether you are looking to experience a memorable trip with your family or a fun-filled trip with your loved one, these Caribbean islands incorporate some of the most fascinating attractions all over the world.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the Best all-inclusive resorts in US Virgin Islands where you can plan your journey to experience the best and most memorable time and also get the best value for your traveling spend. You must be wondering whether there are all-inclusive resorts in US Virgin Island available, so we have made a list of some US Virgin Island all-inclusive resorts for families and senior travelers.

Best resorts in US Virgin Island all inclusive

  • Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

It is one of the most popular US virgin island resorts all inclusive specifically catered to meet the families demand. . The resort is cradled by the coastline in the capital city of Charlotte Amalie and is famous for its 25 premium beachfront room openings. Each room in the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort includes an ocean view and also has a beachfront room that is outfitted with the fascinating tropical décor along with private balcony views of the Bolongo Bay. Some of the adventure activities that you can try include paddle boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, and shipwreck snorkeling. Additionally, you can take a relaxing sail on the Bolongo Bay resort. The resort also includes 2 amazing pools including the hammocks for morning beach yoga, relaxation exercises, and live entertainment as well. There are 2 poolside restaurants available in the Bolongo Bay Beach resort which provide a la carte island fare, along with the vegetarian and vegan menu. There are unlimited drinks provided at the swim-up bar which include premium liquor, champagne by the glass, house wine, and island-inspired cocktails.

Salient features of Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

  • 2 oceanfront swimming pools
  • Poolside swim up bar
  • Family -friendly
  • 2 Bars and restaurants
  • Swimming with sea Turtles
  • Easy access to beach
  • Family owned smaller resort
  • Best all inclusive resort in USV
  • The Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort

It is recognized as one of the best all inclusive luxury resorts in US virgin island or properties on St Croix which is also the oldest family run hotels and operated on the island. The resort blends old-world fascinating charms with the hospitality that garnered a number of the World Best awards. It features a private patio or balcony that helps to maximize your experience of the spectacular views and cooling breezes. This resort provides amenities like an 18-hole golf course with fascinating views and you can play tennis in the resort. Moreover, you can relax at the spa that provides massages, mind-body services, and yoga sessions which makes your stay more relaxing and pleasing. If you are someone who loves adventure, you can enjoy some of the watersport activities and a full fitness center.

The resort includes 4 restaurants along with various private dining options which make your stay more memorable and delightful. It is suggested to try the ceviche and rum cake for dessert.

Salient features of Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort 

  • 4 Bars and restaurants
  • Family- friendly
  • Private yoga session and mind body exercises
  • Luxurious spa experience
  • Easy access to 3 beaches
  • 2 Freshwater swimming pools
  • Private Romantic Dining Options 
  • 18 Hole Golf Course
  • Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove

If you are looking for some relaxation during the trip, you can relax in paradise at Marriot Frenchman Cove. It is one of the popular resorts that overlooks a breathtaking bay and boasts charming British and Danish architecture. You will be able to find your home away from the home in a villa that includes every convenience you could require and access to several amenities that please everyone available with you during the trip. There are a number of fun-filled activities available and the customer service level is impeccable making this resort one of the best luxury resorts in US Virgin Islands all-inclusive.

You can also move to the fitness center of the resort where you can do a morning workout before soaking in a hot tub. Spend the afternoon cooling off at the outdoor pool as your kid takes advantage of the waterslide to explore the island, and discover marine parks and museums. If you are an adventure lover, you can take the snorkeling tour and discover the amazing coral reefs nearby. During the evening time, make a visit to the resort marketplace where you will be able to get some cold treats or dinner ingredients.

Salient features of Marriot Frenchman Cove

  • Family- friendly
  • Appealing Danish and British architecture
  • Full equipped kitchens
  • In-room dryer and washer
  • Patio or private furnished balcony
  • Dominica’s Fort Young Hotel

It is ideal for the senior travelers who are looking to explore the new part of the Caribbean without sacrificing luxury. It falls under the category of all inclusive resorts in US Virgin Island adult only. Dominica’s Fort Young Hotel provides an all-inclusive package and boasts waterside views that will remind the travelers regarding the Amalfi coast. This resort feature different adventures and activities package for those who are looking to explore the Caribbean “Nature Island. You can also try the weekly cocktail hours and fascinating seaside dining which adds an extramural value to your traveling experience. Moreover, this hotel also schedule activities and coordinate travelers who may be reluctant to brave the island winding, vertiginous roads.

Salient features of Dominica Fort Young

  • Easy access to beach
  • Best all inclusive resort in USV
  • Weekly cocktail hours
  • Seaside dining option available
  • The Couple Tower Isle

The Couples Tower Isle include the wonderful, laid back vibe available for senior travelers who are seeking peaceful vacation without sacrificing the luxury stay. The flagship property of the resort includes wellness and health options. The Veggie Bar and spa also establishes this resort as a wellness oasis. It is located in Ocho Rios where the price of room can vary at about $1,900 based on travel dates during the peak season. If you are searching for the intimate oceanfront boutique resort, it is one of the top recommended resorts available to you. It comes under the category of Best US virgin island beach resorts

Salient features of Couple Tower Isle

  • Family -friendly
  • Perfect for senior travelers
  • Luxurious experience
  • Easy access to beach
  • Waves at Cane Bay

A wave at Cane Bay is a resort located in Kingshill that is family-friendly and offers a splendid ocean view just outside your window. Each room in the resort features a furnished balcony with the perfect sea view for taking in the sunset or sunrise. The rooms also include private bathrooms and flat-screen TVs along with a kitchenette that includes a microwave, stovetop, and fridge. The resort includes easy access to the idyllic stretch of private beach and includes 1 restaurant and 2 bars and lounges where you can relax and enjoy the scrumptious and appealing dining varieties. Its restaurant is one of the top-rated on the island of St Thomas. The resort works with local farmers and sustainably sourced seafood to prepare award-winning dining options. Moreover, you can move to the sunset bar to craft amazing ceviche and cocktails.

Salient features of the Waves at Cane Bay

  • Family- Friendly
  • Private Beach
  • 1 Restaurant
  •  2 Bars and lounges
  • Stylish Boutique Feel
  • Best restaurant and award winning dishes
  • Sunset bar to craft amazing cocktails.
  • Eco Friendly and Sustainable
  • Gallows Point Resort

This is one of the top resorts in the US Virgin Islands located on the 5-acre peninsula in Cruz Bay, Saint John. It has a large area so you can explore the different spots for relaxation. This resort includes everything making it one of the most preferred resorts. The well-appointed and spacious units, ranging from 1 to 2 stories, come along with complete kitchens, dryers or washers, and a dining area encapsulating the bright Caribbean décor. 

Gallows Point Resort provides an outdoor swimming and hot tub, an idea for relaxing and soaking up the sun. If you are a beach lover, Cruz Bay Beach is just near the resort. Travelers can also avail the benefit of the complete fitness center with seaside yoga classes. Moreover, Gallows Point Resort also provides complimentary concierge services to ensure a smooth and pleasing stay for all guests.

While coming to dining options at the resort, it includes 1 restaurant and 1 gift shop. You are suggested to try Ocean 362, which serves modern island cuisine coupled with Caribbean dishes. The restaurant of the resort takes pride in sourcing ingredients that are sustainable and fresh making dishes a celebration of local eating. The gift shop serves baked items and coffee, perfect for a morning snack.

Salient features of Love Gallows Point Resort

  • Family- Friendly
  • 1 Pool and Hot Tub
  • 1 Gift Shop serves baked items and coffee
  • Private Patio with Beautiful Views
  • A Complete Fitness Center
  • Complimentary Concierge Service
  • Top rated restaurant

Final words

If you are looking for vacations US Virgin Islands all inclusive, these are some of the best options available to you. Make sure to check the pricing before making an accommodation booking.

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